How To Use Shade Solar Lights for Yards

1. Shade Solar Light.


These are bright solar lights for yards that can be in shade, under a cloudy sky, or in the sun.

2. Located where You Want it.

A daylight photo of a Shade Solar Light located in a shaded garden.

The high-energy solar panel comes attached to the light or separated depending on the model.

3. Turns on Automatically at Night.

A photo of a Shade Solar Light illuminating a garden at night.

Shade Solar Lights operate consistently and reliably where ordinary solar lights cannot.

Luna Edge Lantern

A collage of daylight and night photos of the Luna Edge Lantern.

The Edge Lanterns have attached solar panels.  The light shines from underneath.

Step Edge Lantern

A night photo of four Step Edge Lanterns located on a patio stairway.

The Step Edge Lanterns  illuminate outdoor steps year-round in good weather or bad.

Other Models

A photo of a Shade Solar spotlight and a fence-top light.

We have many different types of Shade Solar Lights. Make your choice from our large selection.